How To Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost, Increase Lifetime Value And Make More Profit

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost what’s that? That’s a good question and here’s another. After you have paid your customer acquisition cost, on average how much profit do you eventually make from your customers? I’ll answer and explain both questions later in this post. You’re in the profit business, right? Marketing Mention marketing to the average business […]

3 Strategies to Help You Increase Sales AND Grow Your Small Business

The Only Three Ways to Grow Your Small Business

Is there a ‘magic’ way to grow your small business..? No, not really, but very often the obvious way is ignored or misunderstood. For years I’ve used and taught a simple formula to massively drive growth in any small business that I’ve owned, or helped. I adopted this simple method from the fantastic book ‘Getting Everything […]

How to Create a Sales & Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Sales Marketing Strategy Framework

How to Create a Sales & Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business Creating a sales marketing strategy framework for your small business can be daunting. But, with the right tools, tactics and an investment of your time this need not be the case. To thrive, marketing your small business involves more than: An amazing store […]